ISIS Manifesto Details Plan For Sleeper Cells Using Refugee Program

The plan outlined in Black Flags from Rome indicates that, far from being contained, ISIS is in fact working to expand it's operations beyond Iraq and Syria and deep into the West. Indeed, the manifesto explains that the group's ultimate goal is to create Muslim “no go zones”, which already exist in some European cities, where they can operate with impunity. Per Infowars:

“‘If what ‘Black Flags From Rome' and ‘Black Flags From the Islamic State' say is true, it could influence subsequent debate over the flood of refugees from Syria and Iraq into Europe and possibly America,' reports the Investigative Project on Terrorism.

‘It could mean that the attacks in Paris weren’t just a sign of a wounded Islamic State lashing out at Europe in retaliation for lost territory in Iraq as some suggest. The Black Flag manifestos, and a third called ‘How to Survive in the West: A Mujahid’s Guide,' all show a greater strategy to import the group’s jihad to Europe.'

The manual also encourages the creation of more radicalized Muslim ghetto ‘no go zones' like Molenbeek, Belgium, the area from which the Paris massacre plot was hatched.

‘Al Qa’idah, the Islamic State and many Mujahideen groups thrived in areas where there was lawlessness because they could buy smuggled goods from the black market and train without fear of police. If police did come, the people in the area would inform everyone because this was a no-go zone for the police,' states the manifesto.

The manual asserts that encouraging social isolation by creating Muslim immigrant communities that are hostile to outsiders will in turn lead to youths feeling more alienated from society and more susceptible to radicalization.

‘We want the police to feel uncomfortable in our neighbourhoods,' states the manifesto, an outcome that has already been achieved in Molenbeek, where authorities have admittedly ‘lost control'.

Another section of the manifesto explains how ISIS will attempt to radicalize left-wing political activists who sympathize with pro-Muslim causes.

‘Many of these people (who are sometimes part of Anonymous and Anarchy movements) will ally with the Muslims to fight against the neo-Nazis and rich politicians. They will give intelligence, share weapons and do undercover work for the Muslims to pave the way for the conquest of Rome,' states the text, adding that anti-Israel activists will be targeted for this purpose.”

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Source: Infowars



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