ISIS Makes List of American Churches to Attack

ISIS Makes List of American Churches to Attack

While it seems like the world's attention is focused on the alleged “chaos” that will follow once Donald Trump becomes president, the real threat continues to lurk in the heart of the Middle East.

That threat, of course, is the Islamic State, the murderous terrorist group that has managed to occupy sizeable tracts of both Iraq and Syria. Despite bombing campaigns carried out by Russia and the US, the organization still clings on to power and remains in a position to spread its violence beyond the region. Just this week, we saw Islamic extremists carry out attacks and an assassination in Turkey, Germany, and Switzerland, reminding Americans that terrorism remains a serious problem and one that directly affects our national security.

And as the year winds down and we prepare to gather with our families for Christmas, we must be especially alert lest we become lax as the jihadists prepare to strike us while we're complacent.

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