ISIS Hackers Obtain ‘Kill List’ of Dozens of Minnesota Cops

ISIS is here in America.  Their reach is as close as your phone, your home, your office.  An affiliated group of hackers, the Caliphate Cyber Army, has a “kill list” of numbers of people, including more than a three dozen Minnesota police officers. The message included in the encrypted message found by analysts at Vocativ said, “wanted to be killed”, as well as information about the officers, such as their phone numbers and home addresses.   The FBI is taking this treat as extremely serious.

We’re doing everything that we can to ensure the safety of the officers,” a St. Paul Police Department spokesperson tells the Star Tribune. Five of the officers named on the kill list are from that department, though one is retired. All five have been notified, Minnesota Public Radio reports. Hackers supportive of ISIS have issued similar threats against military personnel, New Jersey Transit police, Mark Zuckerberg, and others. It’s unclear why this list specifically targets law enforcement in Minnesota, though 25% of US citizens who’ve tried to join ISIS are reportedly from the state

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