ISIS Claims Responsibility For Shooting Down Russian Airliner, Putin Considering Nuclear Strike

russian airliner
Just hours ago, Russian airliner KGL9268 crashed in the Sinai desert. Witnesses have reported seeing smoke trails leading up to the plane and ISIS is claiming responsibility for shooting down the plane. Vladimir Putin is enraged.

In response to the purported downing of a Russian civilian airliner in the Sinai in Egypt, the Kremlin is now poised for a nuclear strike on sites controlled by the Islamic State. Citing its right to protect its people and interests in Russia and abroad, Intelligence officials have anonymously reported that Russia is moving its tactical nuclear units closer to its international boundaries and its frontier with other hotspots within Russia, such as the northern Caucasus region. The Russian military have been called up to help evacuate Russian nationals within these hotspots and have ordered non-essential civilians to leave Syria, Iraq, the Gulf states and other nations in the Arab world.

Although Russia’s poising to use its nuclear weapons on ISIS, Russia held a secret meeting with NATO, reassuring them that Russia has no intentions on using nuclear weapons on either Georgia or the Ukraine, citing that attacking either of them would invoke a nuclear strike from NATO. Also Russia had consulted with the Syrian government as well as the governments of its allies in the region, who in turned told the Kurds and other allied militias of a possible nuclear strike, warning them to move allied civilians from areas that might be struck by Russia’s nuclear weapons.

Source: LiveLeak

However, there is some confusion about how the aircraft was downed.

…Russian Transport Minister Maksim Sokolov told Interfax news agency that “such reports cannot be considered true”. No evidence had been seen that indicated the plane was targeted, he said.

Egypt’s civilian aviation ministry said the plane had been at an altitude of 9,450m (31,000ft) when it disappeared.

Security experts say a plane flying at that altitude would be beyond the range of a shoulder-launched surface-to-air missile (Manpad), which Sinai militants are known to possess.

Source: BBC News

The region the airliner was downed in is notoriously controlled by Islamic militants associated with ISIS

Ansar Bait al-Maqdis has bombed pipelines that carry gas from Egypt to Israel and Jordan numerous times, has attacked police and military intelligence facilities, has taken responsibility for car bombings in Cairo and has reportedly carried out attacks inside Israel.

A large number of attacks have occurred in and around Hasna where the Russian airliner went down.

The group is thought to have missile technology. In January 2014 a rocket was launched from the Sinai to Eilat, Israel. It was intercepted by the Iron Dome system. Ansar Bait al-Maqdis took responsibility for the launch.

The same month Ansar Bait al-Maqdis claimed it had shot down a military helicopter in the Sinai.

It also claimed to have launched three Grad rockets from the Sinai into southern Israel near the Gaza Strip.

Source: Info Wars

There seems to be a lot of chaos and confusion surrounding the incident, but Vladimir Putin is allegedly using it to move his nuclear missiles closer to the region. With American special ops moving into Syria, it is possible that Putin is using this as an opportunity to tighten a hold over the Middle East and wrestle away any support the US has in the region.

If Russia launches a nuclear strike, it would be the first time since the end of the second world war that such a weapon has been used in warfare. What this means for the refugee crisis remains to be seen. The ball is in Putin’s court, and the court is the size of the Middle East.

Anything can happen now.



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