Is Obama Backing ISIS and the Rise of an Islamic Caliphate?

Is Obama Backing ISIS and the Rise of an Islamic Caliphate?

This video covers several points that support the idea that our president is behind the rise of ISIS and the new attempt to create an Islamic Caliphate, destroying the West in the process.

Some points include:

– Obama has been arming Al-Qaeda in Syria and Benghazi.
– Obama has Muslim Brotherhood members in his administration, even one who openly supports the creation of an Islamic Caliphate.
– Somehow Obama only found out about the 40,000 ISIS army crossing over into Iraq by watching TV.
– CIA director John Brennan has been giving Jihad groups weapons for years, which ISIS now utilizes

The Muslim Brotherhood has sworn to destroy our country from within. Obama has not only supplied our enemies with arms, he has released the worst terrorists from prison, now wants to give $500M to Al-Qaeda in Syria, has created the flood of illegals entering our country that the government acknowledges contains terrorists, etc etc etc

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