IRS Seizes $62k From Dairy Farmer Without Investigation

When Randy's wife deposited $12,000 that fateful day she was told by the clerk that it's best to deposit less than $10,000 because it would ‘trigger a lot of paper work.'

But depositing less than $10k won't keep the IRS from stealing your money. Last year the New York Times published an article regarding the IRS seizure of accounts from people depositing less than $10k.

As CNBC’s Bob Pisani stated, “You are under suspicion if you deposit over $10,000, and you’re under suspicion if you deposit under $10,000.”

All this is done under something called civil asset forfeiture, which permits the IRS to seize your assets if they only suspect you of a crime. They never need to file charges and can simply keep your money. Most people don't have the money to fight back.

Goodbye America, hello Amerika…

Photo: Trey Ratcliff



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