Iranians Storm US Embassy Draggin Obama’s Coffin

The Iranian celebration of the 36th anniversary of the storming of the US embassy was marked today by dragging a mock coffin for Obama down the streets of Tehran.

Regime supporters carried caricatures of Barack Obama with big ears.

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Source: The Gateway Pundit

The treacherous Iranians have been playing a con game with the world for decades, and even though Barack Obama played along and even gave the Iranians his undeserved trust, they still take the time to burn effigies of him and curse “The Great Satan.”

Iran has long been a hot bead of anti-American sentiment, so one can’t be too surprised that the Iranian people are just as hateful as they’ve proven to be in the past. It’s tradition for them by this point. How much longer will it be until the “refugees” in Europe and those coming to America begin to express their disdain for the people who have opened their borders to them?



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