Iranian Commander: We Have ‘Sleeper Cells’ Situated and Ready to Strike in US

The fact that Iran would be terribly out gunned in any conflict with the US has not caused the Mullahs who run that country to temper their rhetoric. Instead they have intensified their verbal war on America. Whether their goal is to try to humiliate America or use proxies to create problems for the US in areas of the middle-east remains in doubt. That said, it is doubtful that they wish the full might of American conventional and nuclear forces to be brought to bear on their nation.

None of these realities have caused Iran's leaders to curb their threats or bellicose remarks at America.

The Iranian Revolutionary Guards Commander Abbassi admitted to having terror cells situation and ready to strike in the United States.

Abbassi: I’ll be brief. We have two million Iranians there. Be certain that I will raise a guerilla army from amongst them against you. You know this well. Look how vulnerable you were on 9-11 when four Arabs who don’t know how to fight managed to endanger your foundations.

Also recall that,

President Trump wanted a temporary ban on refugees from Iran.
The Democrats stopped him.

It is difficult to know precisely what Iran's end-game is. Perhaps it is to intimidate us with the possibility of domestic terror attacks such we will be afraid to act against aggression Iran might make in the middle-east.

Of course, we don't have any independent verification as to how many Iranians are in the US or whether they can be convinced to abandon peaceful and prosperous lives here in order to attack their new home on the orders of the Mullahs who are not uniformly popular in Iran.

It would be foolish to ignore the possibility of a terrorist attack in the US by Iranian agents. On the other hand, Iran might well be bluffing. One thing that we can be sure of: If Iran attacks the US and if that attack can be proven to have been ordered by Iran's leaders, I would not want to be anywhere near an Iranian city or military base.

Source: Gateway Pundit



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