Iran Reveals They Have Discovered Vast Amounts of Uranium Ore

Emboldened by the sweet deal they fostered with the Obama administration, Iran violated their ‘sacred pact’ by trying to buy illegal technology that can be used for nuclear and missile weapons programs:

Iran tried to secure illegal technology that can be used for its nuclear and missile weapons programs, intelligence reports from German states covering 2016 reviewed by The Jerusalem Post reveal.

• In North Rhine-Westphalia, Iran’s regime made “32 procurement attempts… that definitely or with high likelihood were undertaken for the benefit of proliferation programs,” the state’s intelligence agency wrote in a report this month.

The intelligence data will likely furnish further ammunition to those who want US President Donald Trump to decertify the nuclear agreement Tehran signed in 2015 with five world powers. Trump is slated to announce on Thursday whether he will certify the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA ) – the formal name for the nuclear accord.

The North Rhine-Westphalia report classifies Iran as a country that engages in proliferation, and is involved in “spreading atomic, biological or chemical weapons of mass destruction.” Tehran also engages in illicit proliferation activity regarding missile delivery systems, the report says.

The agency also wrote that Iran uses front companies in Turkey, the United Arab Emirates and China to bypass sanctions and restrictions on its atomic and missile programs.

The Obama adminstration anti-American agenda is still in play as it has allowed the worlds largest state sponsor of terror to come within an arms length of becoming a major nuclear power.


, Jpost



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