Iran Releases Shocking Video Threatening Jerusalem


On Monday, Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei attacked the United States and Israel on social media with this statement: “We spare no opportunity to support anyone #FightingTheZionists.”

Even more chilling is an animated video released this week by The Islamic Revolution Design House, which shows Al-Quds special just outside Jerusalem preparing for an invasion.

It shows a soldier preparing for battle. He puts on a Revolutionary Guard patch, and then a Qassam Brigades headband, followed by a ski mask and a Palestinian scarf around his neck, while arming himself with a machine gun and a pistol. As he puts on a helmet, we see him looking over Jerusalem's Temple Mount, home of the Dome of the Rock and Al Aqsa mosque. The image pulls back, showing the soldier amid a sea of conquering troops.

A concluding message invokes Ayatollah Khomeini's threat that Israel must be wiped off the map and promises that day is coming soon.






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