Iran Releases “Satan’s Confessions”, Anti-American Short Film

Many people who watch Iran’s “Satan’s Confessions” video will just shake their heads and watch another cute cat video on YouTube but this video shouldn’t be taken lightly because President Obama’s own words show why Iran considers the United States to be the “Great Satan”:

“We have in the past supported Saddam Hussein,” he added during an interview with The New York Times’ Thomas Friedman. “We know he used chemical weapons in the war with Iran and Iraq,” President Obama added of the Iranian regime’s former nemesis. The interview shown in the video was conducted in July, when the President was making the case for the nuclear deal with Iran.

Videos like Iran’s “Satan’s Confessions” are nothing new online but what’s most interesting is that after Secretary of State John Kerry and President Obama spent the entire summer lobbying for the Iran Nuclear deal, this video once again reinforces in under 3 minutes the lunacy and downright treason actions of this administration in giving them a nuke.

“I want to give a word of advice to these American statesmen,” Khamenei said, as a photo of a damaged U.S. Capitol Building appears next to photos of former U.S. Presidents. “I would like to say that you are making a mistake in present time too,” the dictator said. “And particularly towards the Islamic Republic and the people of Iran.”

“In a few years, someone else will turn up and show you your mistakes,” he threatened.

Source: Brietbart



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