Iran: Each Nuclear Inspection Requires Our Approval

Iran: Each Nuclear Inspection Requires Our Approval

The brilliant achievement, Obama’s legacy, the Iranian Nuclear Deal, has hit a huge snafu.  Or is it “a number of snafu’s?”  Senior Iranian officials have announced that each time an inspection is to occur, Iran will have to approve it.  Iran will do its own soil sampling.   And Iran will have 24 days before a site suspected of being used for nuclear weapon development is inspected  (nothing like moving the nuclear weapons, that can take a few weeks).  Absolutely no Americans, either, coming in.

These developments, might put some doubt into the whole transparency of the accord.  Obama left no doubt per his address to the world on August 5th, that this was the way forward, that he had finally brought Iran into the fold.

Remember his words (quoted after the break):

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