Iran Is Already Nuclear…and can strike. has reported that it is now clear that since 2009, the Obama administration has held plans that guarantee Iran a nuclear weapon. The devil is in the details they try to hide.  For instance; the copy of the agreement in English for Americans did not fully replicate the copy in Farsi for the Iranians.  The American delegation never mentioned this to the West and especially not to the American people nor Congress.  The Iranian delegation read both the English and Farsi-worded agreements, and declared that while they agreed with the one in Farsi, the one in English WAS NOT THE SAME, AND WAS IN NO WAY ACCEPTABLE TO THEM.

There are more devils in the details: the numerous secret side agreements between Iran and the IAEA. We now know that one of those arrangements allows Iran to actually be its own inspecting body. The fox gets to be the hen house security team.

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It is only a matter of time before an Iranian freighter, sailing off the coast of New Jersey, will fire a weapon that will destroy New Jersey, or New York, or any major city on the Eastern Seaboard. And they don’t even have to be accurate to do it. President Obama wants to substantially transform the country. Well, this will certainly do the trick.





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