Intelligence Dir. Clapper Issues Fifth Excuse for Lying About NSA Spying


With a collection of badly received excuses piling up, Clapper’s general counsel Robert Litt threw a Hail Mary and told the world:

“After this hearing I went to him and I said, ‘Gee, you were wrong on this.’ And it was perfectly clear that he had absolutely forgotten the existence of the 215 program.”

I forgot. Oops. Is that the answer American’s want from their Director of Intelligence?

This Intelligence agency, under Clapper’s leadership, was the subject of an investigation because they were accused of dressing up reports about war with ISIS to make the President look good. He also called the Muslim Brotherhood a largely secular group. Even President Obama had to correct that.

After all of this, the current administration still expects the American people to entrust James Clapper with a database of our phonecalls. Maybe they just forgot all the other things he said.

See the video below for James Clapper vs Senator Ron Wyden.

Sources: The Register & Foxnews



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