Intel Analysts: Obama Admin Forced Us Out For Reporting Truth On ISIS War

Intel Analysts: Obama Admin Forced Us Out For Reporting Truth On ISIS War

One of the hallmarks of a good leader is that he or she hires smart and competent support personnel and trusts their input, even if it contradicts their own opinions.  That does not mean the leader accepts advice and information blindly, but they are willing to examine input from capable staffers and then make the best decisions accordingly. Barack Obama has proven himself to be a dismal leader, arrogant even in his ignorance, and driven by political posturing rather than focusing on what will help the country.

He has been especially incompetent in his international and geopolitical understanding, which has led to a number of poor outcomes, from the worsening relationships with allies such as England, Israel, and Saudi Arabia, to the increasing stature of Vladimir Putin, and certainly to the disaster caused by Obama calling ISIS a JV team of little consequence. And because his ego directs most of his actions and decisions, he has frequently ignored input from the very experts who might have been better positioned to help craft our international dealings and relations.

Now there is new evidence showing that Obama not only ignored expert advice, he punished those who provided input contrary to his opinion and directives.

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