Instructional Video: Withdrawing & Using Concealment

Active Self Protection (ASP) is a vigilance group that produces videos which instructionally break down the action of people who use good (or bad) self defense methods of approaching a situation where a gun is already drawn on them.

What is interesting about this particular video out of Venezuela, South America is that the mugger ends up picking out of the crowd the smallest man waiting in line at the ATM who also happens to be an off-duty police officer.  The cop is next in line and has his money in his hand as the mugger approaches him with a gun and demands his money.

The police officer does a really smart thing by dropping all his possessions on the ground and feigning fear by ducking out of the robber’s line of sight.  His training is nearly impeccable as he then steps behind the woman to his rear, draws his weapon so that the mugger is not even aware that there’s about to be a very bad situation for him.

The robber is already spending his money in his head as he stoops quickly to pick it up and readies to dash, running right into the drawn gun that the cop expertly has aimed right at his chest.  The robber doesn’t have a chance.

It’s a good lesson in how to distract a person with a gun without letting on that you’re about to engage.  Feigned fear works in your favor when you’re on the receiving end of pistol barrel.





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