Instructional Video: This Is Why You Shoot Until The Threat Stops

In order to avoid a potential attack, be wary when you find yourself in a transitional space. That’s a location where bad guys can prey on potential victims with an element of surprise and also have a ready escape route. It could be a place like a gate to a business or home, as seen in ASP’s video.

Don’t prepare for a lone attacker. Remember, rats travel in packs so you have to recognize how often attacks are carried out by multiple people, often those in gangs.

As always, marksmanship matters. You can’t practice enough to put your first shot on the target as fast as possible. But don’t stop there. Keep putting as many shots on the target as you can until you are positive the threat is over.

Our goal as self-defenders is to stop the threat. We are not vigilantes and we are not out to kill, we seek to stop the threat against us. Shooting to wound will not stop the threat reliably, and neither will shooting an attacker in an extremity. The only reliable means to stop an aggressor who means us death or grievous bodily harm is to put shots in the center of their available mass to cause nervous system collapse or bleeding out. (exsanguination is the technical term)”

That being said, consider the situation if the roles are reversed. Even if you are injured, you must stay in the fight as long as you’re conscious. The bad guy may know to keep shooting until he sees your threat is over.

As said at the outset, the human body is designed to take a lot of punishment. If you are shot or stabbed, you still can have a 67-95% chance of survival. Stay mentally fit and always take definitive action to protect yourself.

Source: Active Self Protection




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