Instructional Video: Why You Should Not Draw On A Drawn Gun

First, you must realistically evaluate your skills before trying to use your gun in a real gunfight. You also have to figure out if you can get to your gun without getting shot first.

Your firearm is a powerful force multiplier but against a drawn gun and with the attention on you, it is not a useful tool. Drawing on a drawn gun with attention on you is a dying man’s game, so make sure to pick the time to draw your gun when you have opportunity to get ahead in initiative and use your firearm effectively.”

Always remember, marksmanship absolutely matters! In the second clip on the video, you’ll see that the undercover officer has a very small center of mass for a target. So you don’t want to chance taking a shot at a small, moving target unless your skills are top-notch!

Active Self Protection stresses the importance of “Spiritual Fitness.”  In other words, are you prepared to “meet your maker” knowing the seriousness of the situation?

Knowing what you fight for is important, but making peace with God before you meet Him is important as well. Don’t put that off.”

When you face a drawn gun, and the attention is fully on you, you have to try to buy time and get the right opportunity for a counter-ambush if the attention is drawn away from you.

All of this advice, however, is not going to prove useful unless you practice, practice and practice your draw until it is smooth, fast and without a hitch.

Consider what retention mechanism is on your holster and practice your draw until you absolutely can’t get it wrong. Plus, remember your marksmanship as well so the two can work in tandem to make you come out of top!



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