Instructional Video: Lightning Fast Real Life Knife Disarm Caught on Camera

Active Self Protection (ASP) instructional videos are popping up all over the place as they attempt to show the proper and improper ways of dealing with armed suspects.

In the following video, a copy successfully disarms and takes down a suspect armed with a knife who is distracted for only one moment’s time.  That moment makes all the difference in this encounter.

When dealing with an armed suspect, as the video shows, there is a need to be extremely patient and very careful about choosing your “moment.”  It is imperative to allow the suspect in a case like this to become “comfortable” with the situation in a sense that he feels like he is in command of the scenario.

The cop in this video smartly approaches and then freezes.  It is possible that another officer smartly noticed his partner moving in from behind and distracted the suspect by talking with him.  Anything that can distract a suspect, even for just a second or two, is all that’s needed to safely disarm the man.  The resulting take down was just as impressive and as stated on the video, probably required some intensive hand-to-hand training.

Kudos to the police officers in this video.



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