Instructional Video: Distancing and Counter-Ambush During Carjacking

Active Self Protection (ASP) is a vigilance group that produces videos which instructionally break down the action of people who use good (or bad) self defense methods of approaching a situation where a gun is already drawn on them.

In this video, an off-duty police officer is approached by two potential carjackers, one being armed.

Something that appears to occur in the video that is not discussed is the fact that the robber’s gun appears to go off first.  If you watch the second slow-motion play, pay close attention to the weapon in the thug’s hand.  As the off-duty officer rounds with his own weapon, the robber’s gun appears to flash at its muzzle, indicating that it was fired.  It appears to be pointing down to the right and away from the cop.  Perhaps he was so surprised by the cop’s reaction as to have been unprepared for the consequences.

Regardless, you can then see what appears to be the same weapon being catapulted over the roof of the white vehicle and bouncing, perhaps firing a second time before disappearing behind the car.  The robber does seem to have been completely taken at unawares, a very good thing to watch.

Interestingly, too, was the officer’s use of his own body and appearing to be leaving the presence of the two robbers in indifference in order to shield the fact that he was drawing his own weapon was a good lesson in obscuring your intentions.

A quick admonition from the video host occurs when the officer can be seen chasing the two robbers and he removes his second hand from the weapon as he runs, firing off more shots with his right hand.  The warning that this is potentially dangerous as it requires more skill to do so, especially in a dangerous situation like this, and the lesson being to always keep both hands on the weapon at all times.


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