Insecure Database Leaks 191 Million Voters’ Private Information

Insecure Database Leaks 191 Million Voters’ Private Information

If the following story doesn’t break your confidence in the competence of our electoral system, then I don’t know what will.

While carrying out research into data leaks that resulted in the posting of private information on the Internet, Texas computer security specialist Chris Vickery uncovered a veritable motherlode of sensitive information.

Thanks to a poorly-designed database, 191 million voters had their information exposed on the Internet for everyone to see. Full names, addresses, birth dates, and party affiliations were all available for anybody who wished to view them.

As if that weren’t horrifying enough, detailed voter history of individual citizens was accessible, making it possible for the government or even just somebody with an axe to grind to collect such information for their own nefarious purposes.

Vickery says all that can be said about this travesty: ” How could someone with 191 million such records be so careless?”

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