Infamous Romanian hacker: I Breached Hillary Clinton’s Server, ‘it was easy’

Infamous Romanian hacker: I Breached Hillary Clinton’s Server, ‘it was easy’

Hillary Clinton has broken serious, consequential laws by using a private server and exposing more than 2,200 classified documents, with twenty two of them being super classified. Even one such breach can and does cause government workers with security clearances to lose their jobs and sometimes to be jailed. To be the head of the Department of State and to absolutely know the rule and wantonly violate it by using an unsecured private server is beyond bizarre. Clinton and those she corresponded with would be a perfect target for accessing classified information by the Russians, the Chinese, and any other enemy who wanted to compromise American safety and security, along with that of our allies.

And yet, Clinton continues to deny she did anything wrong, and the only one being punished is a European hacker code named Guccifer who said accessing Clintons computer was easy and straightforward. Guccifer, whose real name is Marcel Lehel Lazar is now in a detention center in Alexandria, Virginia waiting federal charges on alleged cyber crimes. It is unbelievable that the hacker is in jail over his breach, while Clinton is free and working on her presidential run. Since Lazar has indicated that he has a hidden trove of data that is “too hot” and “is a matter of national security,” he should be very, very careful since enemies of Clinton have a bad habit of suffering inopportune accidents that leave them very dead.

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