Immigration Judges to be Shifted in a Dozen Cities in Order to Speed Up Deportations

According to a spokeswoman, the Department’s Executive Office of Immigration Review, which administers the immigration courts, has identified a list of cities as the most likely to receive more judges.

Those cities under review include: Baltimore; Bloomington, Minnesota; El Paso; Harlingen, Texas; Imperial, California; Los Angeles; Miami; New Orleans; New York; Omaha; Phoenix; and San Francisco.

The cities targeted to receive more judges have more than half of the 18,013 pending immigration cases involving those facing or convicted of criminal charges.

According to the Executive Office of Immigration Review, more than 200 of those cases involve illegal immigrants currently incarcerated. The others have yet to be convicted or have already served their sentence.

The Department of Homeland Security asked for the judges’ reshuffle, an unusual move given that immigration courts are administered by the Department of Justice. A Homeland Security spokeswoman declined to comment on any plan that has not yet been finalized.”

Shortly after taking office in January, President Donald Trump signed an executive order identifying illegal immigrants with pending criminal cases as priorities for deportation whether they’ve been found guilty or not.

This order negates an earlier order by President Barack Obama that prioritized deportation only for those convicted of serious crimes. Groups advocating for illegal immigrants criticized the Trump action, arguing that some of those charged might ultimately be acquitted.

As part of the overall crackdown on illegal immigration, the Justice Department also is sending immigration judges to detention centers along the southwest border to deal with the backlog.

One critic of the redeployment is former immigration judge and chairman of the Board of Immigration Appeals Paul Schmidt. He termed the shifting of judges as “aimless docket reshuffling” that would take judges away from their pending cases and could lead to a further logjam in the immigration court system, which has more than 540,000 pending cases.

An example of violent crime committed by illegal immigrants was seen recently in Rockville, Maryland with the rape of a 14-year old girl by two illegals in a high school.

The Trump Administration aims to shed even more light on the issue by publishing a list of crimes committed by illegal immigrants in so-called sanctuary cities.

Source: Yahoo News




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