IMF Pres facing Serious Jail Time amid Corruption Charges

President Obama and Hillary Clinton seem perfectly content auctioning away America's sovereignty to international organizations such as the United Nations, NATO, and in various trade agreements.  They also appear comfortable with footing a ridiculously high share of the bills for many of these groups.  Democrats give all of this power to these groups while the IMF grants itself immunity from prosecution and taxation.  The United States currently contributes as much as the next three countries — Japan, China, and Germany — combined to the IMF.  After the previous president, Dominic Strauss-Kahn resigned in disgrace, current president, Christine Lagarde looks to be on the same path.

The head of the International Monetary Fund arrived in the dock of a Paris courtroom today as she braced herself to be formally charged with embezzlement and fraud.

Christine Lagarde’s humiliation is not only a massive personal blow which could lead to her resignation, but one which will plunge the world’s banking system into further ignominy.

The clearly nervous 57-year-old said nothing to reporters as she entered the Court of Justice of the Republic, a special tribunal set up to judge the conduct of France’s government ministers, shortly after 8.30am.

Lagarde faces a maximum sentence of 10 years in jail if found guilty of the very serious charges.

It was when she was President Nicolas Sarkozy’s finance minister that she is said to have authorised a 270 million pounds payout to one of his prominent supporters, so abusing her government position.

The money went to Bernard Tapie, a convicted football match fixer and tax dodger who supported Lagarde and Sarkozy’s UMP party.

It came after Dominque Strauss-Kahn, another senior French politician, was sacked as IMF chief following allegations that he attempted to rape a chambermaid in a New York hotel.

Ms Lagarde began campaigning to succeed Mr Strauss-Kahn soon after his arrest for the alleged crime.

But now it is Ms Lagarde, a lawyer and retired synchronised swimming star, who is facing a long court process of her own, as well as a possible jail sentence.

It is likely that, if elected, Hillary Clinton will continue to provide disproportional funding to groups such as the IMF while auctioning off American sovereignty to the highest bidders.  As long as the United States continues to enable corrupt organizations like the IMF, they will continue to blackmail and economically bully countries into achieving their ultimate globalist goals.

Source: Evening Standard (UK)




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