Illinois Senate Pres: Pay-Per-Mile Gas Tax “eventually going to have to happen”

Illinois State Senate President John Cullerton is attempting to give the government even more of your money, and more of your data through a new tax (of course) on driving:

Cullerton has introduced two revenue-generating bills.

The first is a 30-cent-per-gallon increase to the motor fuel tax.

This increase would make the gas tax in Illinois the highest in the country, at 60 cents per gallon.

The second bill would create a new tax for every mile you drive on Illinois roadways.

If passed, the new law would work in conjunction with the motor fuel tax.

If that weren't ridiculous enough, don't worry. A “new commission” will be formed in order to enforce these taxes. More money, more government — exactly what the Democrat party stands for.

Source: CI News Now




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