Illegals Brag on Twitter about Obtaining $300k in Scholarships


Scholarships are given by business and civic groups, and they should have the right to spend their money however they see fit. But many states, including California, Minnesota, New Mexico, Texas and Washington give taxpayer money to illegals and also provide in-state tuition to them, all on the American citizens dime. Obviously, that type of largess simply encourages more illegal immigration, and taxpayers should be livid. They just don't know about this scam giveaway, or have no way of protesting. In the meantime, many illegals were seen rioting in San Jose against Donald Trump who wants the government to simply enforce immigration laws. Why is that such a radical idea? Why were the rioters not arrested and deported?

Supporters of illegal immigration constantly claim that illegals are tax payers, and that they are a financial boon to the country. That certainly should not be enough to allow the breaking of U.S. immigration laws, but it is also a lie. In the graphic below, it is clear that illegals cost taxpayers far more than is ever collected through income taxes or other fees. Illegals are tremendous users of public services and benefits, including welfare, food stamps, public housing, healthcare, and other goodies. Public education is far and away the biggest chunk of the costs given away to illegals, as seen below. The total number of illegals in America is often cited as 11 million, but that is impossibly low since somewhere between a quarter million to a million illegals enter our country each year, and the 11 million statistic has been being repeated for at least a decade. Some experts have suggested that the number could be as high as 20 to 30 million illegals in the country. One other factor should also be noted. The level of crime and incarceration among illegals is far higher than the general population. And why not? The first act the illegal aliens did interacting with our country is to break the immigration laws. That certainly does not breed respect for the standards of our country. The cost of Justice and Law Enforcement shown below only factors in policing and legal proceedings, but does not consider the huge property costs, loss of life, and civic damage and disruption caused by illegals in this country.

Americans are being conned and their resources stolen to support illegals, with the recipients demanding even more. And anyone who objects to being fleeced is called a racist bigot. It is high time we return to our standards and our laws. Legal immigrants have been the life blood of innovation and determination for success in this country for many years. We do not have a “broken immigration system” as so many politicians on both sides of the aisle proclaim, we have a broken immigration enforcement system. Any politician who refuses to support our laws regarding immigration should read the information above, and should then be thrown out of office forthwith.




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