Illegal Harrassment And Arrest Of Veteran Exercising ‘Open Carry’

Illegal Harrassment And Arrest Of Veteran Exercising ‘Open Carry’

This will make your blood boil. Police across the country are getting more out of control.

Watch Army Master Sergeant CJ Grisham get thrown around, illegally arrested and persecuted for simply walking down the road with his son while exercising his right to ‘open carry’.

The police officer grabbed Grisham’s gun, without announcing he would do so, and when Grisham simply placed his hands on the gun it gave the officer an excuse to slam him against the car and illegally arrest him.

This is a CLEAR case of wrongful police action by officer Steve Ermis.

If a man is peacefully walking with his son down the road, you grab his gun and the man simply his hand on it, after following all your requests, it is not justification to throw him around like a criminal.

It seems that officer Ermis was looking for trouble and jumped on the first chance to bully this veteran.

Now, Grisham is facing a $2000 fine.

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On November 19, 2013, a six member jury found CJ guilty of “interfering with public duties” and fined $2000. He is appealing the decision. Help defend our 2nd amendment rights and this veteran by contributing to this fight, please send donation to either or Paypal to [email protected]


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