Identity Revealed: The Secretive Family Responsible for the Opioid Crisis in America

The opioid epidemic kills far more people everyday than guns or mass shootings. But, try to find a leftist rally centered around bringing the elite families responsible for starting this epidemic to justice.

Yes, heroin does flow in from Mexico. Afghanistan (which we occupy) is responsible for producing 90% of the world’s opium poppy supply manufactured into Heroin. But, most opioid addictions start with pharmaceutical drugs.

One of the top 19th richest families in the world is responsible for spiking the opioid crisis in America. They have made 13 billion dollars. Millions of families affected, torn-apart and loved ones dying, but why would the elite care?

You must put yourself in the shoes of a stone cold psychopath to understand the secretive family masterminding the global opioid crises.

If you were a billionaire would you focus on bringing education to a rapidly developing country or powerful legal opioids? Statistically, what chance would that country ever have of becoming powerful stable global leaders?

They crafted campaigns tricking people into believing that simple aches and pains merited powerful addictive mind-altering medications. Doctors paid to prescribe these pills. People taught that it was their right to live without pain in a drug-induced utopia – all while taking home billions of dollars to the family vault.

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