ICE Confirms Illegal Alien Connected to Starting Fires in California

California may as well secede from the union and join Mexico if they don’t knock off all of this sanctuary city business.

The leftist move to decriminalize illegal aliens behavior is sickening. You follow the law. I follow the law. We pay the taxes. We foot the bill. But, God forbid we expect illegals to apply for a gosh darn visa, legal paperwork or follow the laws of the land.

It is now getting to the point where major insurance providers might not even be willing to provide arson coverage in sanctuary cities and states.

You may have missed this important piece of news as the wildfires ravaged  Sonoma County ‘Wine Country’ and other parts of California. But, ICE Acting Director Tom Holman has been forced to come out and confirm the connection of a 5x deported illegal alien to these recent chains-of-events.

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