IA Gov, Trump, Carson, and Rove all Criticize ‘Unethical’ Cruz Tactics

Ted Cruz has come under fire from many for the techniques he employed in order to turn the Iowa vote in his favor. Receiving the most scrutiny are his mailers that threatened potential voters with a non-existent “voter violation” and an errant statement that claimed Carson was dropping out of the race before voting ended in many precincts.

Even the Governor of Iowa is hitting back for Cruz’s tactics:

Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad chastised Ted Cruz’s presidential campaign for “unethical and unfair” practices on its way to winning Monday’s caucuses.

The Texas senator has received significant criticism from rivals Donald Trump and Ben Carson after his campaign passed along reports Monday night that Carson was on the verge of dropping out. That, critics claim, could have dissuaded voters from voting for Carson at a pivotal time.

“We have a strong sense of fairness in Iowa,” Branstad told Radio Iowa on Thursday. “Distributing information that was not true about a candidate right at the time people are voting in the caucuses is an inappropriate thing.”

Sensing an opportunity to secure the win that eluded him initially, Trump jumped on the controversy almost immediately.

Laying out a series of Cruz actions that he suggested were “fraud,” Trump later summarized in a tweet: “Based on the fraud committed by Senator Ted Cruz during the Iowa Caucus, either a new election should take place or Cruz results nullified.”

In other tweets, Trump explained that he was referring to a controversy for which Cruz apologized to retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson on Tuesday.

Carson’s campaign accused Cruz of playing “dirty tricks” on the night of the caucuses.

The “dirty tricks” employed by the Cruz campaign are explained by Ben Carson below.

Trump and the Carson camp both complained that the Cruz campaign alerted caucus-goers to Carson’s decision to go home for a break after the caucuses, stoking speculation he would drop out. Carson was competing for the evangelical voters that propelled Cruz and he said Wednesday in Washington that the implication he was ready to drop out of the race affected the outcome in Iowa.

“It’s true there were  people who tried to take advantage of the situation, to distort information,” Carson said. He said that while Cruz told him he was unaware of the situation, “it’s obvious there were people in his organization who not only knew about it but carried it out.”

Even Karl Rove agrees with the accusations against Cruz. Check out the video below to see what he thinks.

Source: The HillBuisness Insider, Bloomberg





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