Hunter Defends Home From Unlikely Intruder

When their dog started barking nonstop, the Traverse family knew something was wrong. When Niki Traverse went to investigate, she found a bear eating her pets' food. In order to protect themselves, the family did what they had to do. According to Libertarian Republic:

After a harrowing encounter with a grizzly bear that broke into their home, one woman is glad her husband is a skilled hunter.MZ31iQ2Early Sunday morning, Niki Traverse’s dog wouldn’t stop barking like mad, prompting her to wake up and check to see what was wrong. The Traverses live in British Columbia, Canada, in a mountain region, CBC reports. As soon as she entered into the kitchen, she saw a male grizzly bear feasting on cat and dog food in a cupboard after it had climbed through a window left open because of the heat.

Niki immediately ran back to the bedroom and woke up her husband Mark, who then brought out his hunting rifle.

“I went to the kitchen, turned the light on and where the bear was, he came at me and I took a shot,” Mark told CBC.

“By the time I reloaded the gun, he took a step more towards me, and I took another shot and he hit the floor, and he was still moving, so put another one in him, and that was the end of him,” he added. Three shots later and the bear laid dead just a few feet away from his 13-year-old son’s bedroom.

Thanks to their right to be armed, the Traverses lived to see another day.

Source: Libertarian Republic



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