Hungary PM Says Refugees Resemble an Army

The Hungarian leader has been vocally opposed to taking in refugees even as the Euro Zone pressures him to take many more.

Hungary’s prime minister says the refugees and migrants arriving in Europe are mostly young men who “look more like an army than asylum seekers.”

Prime Minister ViktorĀ Orban said Friday on state radio that while he did not reject the right of any country to try to solve its demographic problems “with young men from the Arab world who look like warriors,” it was unacceptable “to have this forced upon Hungary.”

Orban, is fighting the effete liberals who run the Euro Zone and are demanding everyone take in huge numbers of invaders. He is advocating for global quotas for receiving migrants, says it is unfair for countries like the United States, the rich Arab states, Israel and Australia to expect Europe to take in the migrants while accepting few or none themselves.

Source: Huffington Post

Uh, Mister Prime Minister, Obama wants to bring over enough Syrian Islamists to overrun Detroit. After all, they have endless miles of vacant housing over there.

He said that if Europe tried to solve the migration crisis and other global problems on its own, “we will crush the lifestyle … values and strengths we have developed in the past several hundreds of years.”

Yes, he is right and we should listen. Turn away the invaders.




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