Hundreds of Students Stage Walkout in Support of Fired Deputy Ben Fields

From reports:

As the FBI and Department of Justice have been called in to investigate, new facts are still emerging in what Black Lives Matter activists have dubbed the #AssaultAtSpringValleyHighafter videos of a Columbia, South Carolina, deputy forcibly removing a non-compliant student from a desk went viral after the Monday incident.

Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott said Tuesday that the video shows the student hitting the officer who had been called to the class, but that his internal investigation did not concern the student’s behavior. He told reporters that, although the student “was wrong for disturbing the class, I’m looking at what our deputy did.”

Witnesses report that the student had taken out her cell phone in class and then refused to turn it over to a teacher. The teacher then brought in a school administrator, who asked the girl several times to leave the classroom. After the student refused those requests, the administrator requested the assistance of the deputy.

Lott expects the investigation to decide whether Deputy Ben Fields will be fired should be concluded within 24 hours.

What is very evident?  Cell phones that create videos are becoming the elephant in the room. These aspiring video creators lay in wait for the perfect storm to create a video that serves their politicizing of an event to get their 15 minutes of fame.  It's at the expense overwhelmingly of the police, who get danger pay for taking a thankless job to protect and serve.

This [young lady] is resisting, those set in authority over her.  She refused her teacher, the authority, to relinquish her cell phone.  She refused the Principal (the authority) to leave the room.  Finally, she refused the law, the Deputy, commanding her to “get up”.  She clearly has been infected with this anarchy which the culture on the left has brainwashed so perfectly into our children's brain.

This youth is a look into our future, a future of a generation of uneducated, immoral  entitled-oh so entitled misguided “anarchists” brought to you by the disease of the liberal left wing nuts, and a socialist/communistic philosphy.

The term for this youth in the days of yore-“useful idiots”.  Who are the parents and where are the parents of these useful idiots? Their too busy watching reality TV, and consuming the filth of this entitled culture.  They are the ultimate useful idiots who are the carriers of the disease of stupidity.


Source: Breitbart News

Fields must not be too bad of an officer, seeing how hundreds of minority students staged a walk out in support of a white deputy who used force against another minority. Very telling…

Hundreds of students at Spring Valley High School in Columbia, South Carolina, staged a walkout on Friday in support of school resource officer Ben Fields, the deputy who was fired after being caught on video flipping a student out of her desk.

Principal Jeff Temoney confronted students after they convened in the school’s atrium and told them their voices were heard no one would be “suspended,” but they needed to return to class.

“We’ve heard your voices, OK? We appreciate you taking time to do this, but again, as you know, we always focus on teaching and learning, so let’s head on back to class,” he said.

Source: The Blaze



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