Huge Scandal: CNN Goes Into Fake News Overdrive, Three Employees Resign

Huge Scandal: CNN Goes Into Fake News Overdrive, Three Employees Resign

Once again, anonymous sources have plagued the news, except this time, the news agency is the one that has been duped.  According to a single source close to GOP Senate leadership, the news about this investigation that was looking into the connections of Trump officials with Russian envoys may have originated with Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren.  The GOP is apparently fit to be tied with this woman who has been spending much of the taxpayer money starting rumors and innuendo without assigning her own name to it, which (in my book) is cowardly and unbecoming of an elected official.  Then again, with the ratings of our Congress people, that's not saying much.  A recent 14% approval rating may be higher than when Pelosi was Speaker and Reid was Majority Leader, but that's still not saying much.

To say that the media has been on the warpath is an understatement as well.  The Left has had the journalists at all four corners of the Earth on the hunt for anything that has even a scintilla of evidence or truth in order to bring down the Great Satan, Donald Trump.  Part of me feels a little bad for the Left and the mainstream media arm of the Democrat Party because it seems that no matter how hard they try, they just can't seem to get it together.  It's like the Progressives are Otis Campbell and Andy (Trump) and Barney (Spicer) just keep putting them back into the jail cell to dry out overnight.  And just like on the show with the catchy whistling tune, Otis just keeps on getting thrown back in the hole.

It also doesn't help that Trump associates are as hated as Ted Cruz was a few years ago, or Sarah Palin is still today.  It Jared Kushner's name is mentioned even in passing casual conversation, Liberals manage to tear their faces off with their own bare hands in a maniacal rage.  So what is it about Trump and his associates and staff that just rub people the wrong way?  It is precisely because they can't seem to find the magical phrase, or concoct the magical scandal, that will separate the supporters from the man.  Some invisible, strong-as-titanium umbilical cord connects them and neither the media, nor the Jackass Party members can sever such a link.

CNN has now been ensnared by the very web of its own making by becoming the news with which they sought to destroy the President.  Read further on the next page to find out why Jeff Zucker and his entire public relations team are choosing to hide from its own press.

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