Huffington Post Writer Calls Hurricane Matthew ‘Racist’

Huffington Post Writer Calls Hurricane Matthew ‘Racist’

It's official. Everything is racist. Literally everything.

That's the only reasonable conclusion one can make this week, after online Social Justice Warriors began calling Hurricane Matthew — which is currently barreling up the east coast — “racist.”

You read that right. A hurricane is racist.

If you're wondering how that might be possible, worry not. Huffington Post writer Aura Bogado explained the phenomenon to her army of 25 thousand Social Justice Warriors on Twitter. And she knows a thing or two about “environmental racism.” It says so right on her Twitter homepage.

Thankfully, you don't have to follow Bogado to read her explanation. You can read her tweet right here on Truth and Action.

Be forewarned: Reading the tweet might make you lose faith in all mankind.

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