Huffington Post Terminates Journalist For Asking Questions About Hillary’s Health

The left’s feigned indignation at the fact that people have questions about a politician’s health would be hilarious if it weren’t transparently hypocritical. Conservatives will likely remember liberals making snide remarks about John McCain’s old age and the effect it could have had on his policies if he were to become president, and the Huffington Post itself ran an article “exploring” the possibility that Donald Trump might have cancer. Of course, the article is still up and running on the site, and nobody was fired for that one:

“In a YouTube video posted in response to the deletion of the article, Seaman described the censorship as ‘chilling’ and ‘Orwellian’.

‘Both of my articles have been pulled without notice of any kind, just completely deleted from the Internet, and both of those articles mentioned Hillary’s health,’ states Seaman.

‘That video that Paul Watson put up has been viewed more than 3.5 million times, so it was a very newsworthy thing for me to link out to,’ noted Seaman, adding that he should have been able to link to it without having his account revoked.

‘I’ve filed hundreds of stories over the years as a journalist and I’ve never had anything like this happen….I’ve never experienced this,’ remarked Seaman, adding that he was now seeking legal counsel.

‘This is spooky, to me this is extremely spooky – I don’t like it,’ he added, pointing to how the media has dispensed with any notion of balance to jump on Trump while giving Hillary a free pass.

‘They’re deleting and censoring commentary on her health – why is that?’ asked Seaman. ‘Do they not want more people to watch that video on YouTube, is that what’s going on here?’”

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Source: Infowars



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