Huffington Post: ‘Is Islam Really the Religion of Violence?’

Huffington Post: ‘Is Islam Really the Religion of Violence?’

Does Islam encourage violence?  That is the question.  Monday, an article ran at Huffington Post suggesting that majority of terrorists have no tie to Islam and therefore the conclusion can be made that Islam does not encourage violence.

Saudi-born writer, Hanzala Bin Aman authored the Huff Post article entitled, “Is Islam Really the Religion of Violence? Here Are the Facts” utilizing FBI data to garner stats to support his thesis taht only a small percentage of all terrorist acts are done by Islamic terrorists and thus should not be a “source of particular concern”.

Aman asserts that just that nothing more than 6% of all the terrorist attacks, between 1980 to 2012 were committed by Muslims, on U.S. soil.  This selective picking leaves out the fact that 94% of deaths, due to terrorism here in the U.S. during this period were indeed carried out by Islamic terrorists.  The FBI data that Aman looked at included “amateurish acts of terror” that produced very little terror and took no lives, and therefore considered ineffective, yet the many Muslim attacks, such as 9/11, obviously were catastrophic.

The evidence mounts on page two, debunking Aman’s thesis.

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