HUD Plans To Crack Down On Tiny Homes, RV’s

HUD Plans To Crack Down On Tiny Homes, RV’s

One of the most pernicious practices of big government is it's meddling into not only how citizens live but where they live.

With homeowners already subjected to onerous regulations and unreasonable oversight, many Americans are turning to alternative means of habitation. Although the first thing that might pop into one's mind when they hear this is an image of a mountain man living alone in the wilderness, the truth is that a more viable option is available: motorhomes.

With remarkably less expenses to account for and enough room to provide comfortable living quarters for several individuals, RVs are emerging as the domicile of choice for those tired of the high price tag and red tape that comes with traditional homes. But if the Department of Housing and Urban Development has anything to say about this, it won't be for much longer. You see, HUD is planning to ban motorhome owners from using their vehicles as their primary residence.

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