HHS Propose To Collect Your Private Medical Records

HHS Propose To Collect Your Private Medical Records

The Department of Health and Human Services in a recent proposal called on the federal government to achieve a “health situational awareness [that] includes biosurveillance and other health and non-health inputs” to include lab tests and diagnostics.

This ´biosurveillance', meaning looking at your private medical records, is for your ´security´of course.  It´s how all tyranny is justified by the feds.

“Once again, under the guise of lending a helping hand and protecting American citizens, the federal government is trying to peer into our private lives,” states said Cheryl Chumley, the author of the upcoming “Police State USA: How Orwell’s Nightmare is Becoming Our Reality.

 “And really, it’s no surprise. Obamacare truthers warned way back that letting the government get in the health care game would mean the government would eventually need access to our private medical records. Here we are. HHS is poised to collect data on our doctor visits for research. I’m not comfortable with the federal government knowing me that intimately,” she stated.

Right now it´s just a proposal. We´ll keep a eye on it and let you know where and how to fight it.

If you´re thinking ´when will all this end?' Well, it won´t unless it´s stopped. Marxist is about total control.

Source: wnd.com
Photo: World Bank Photo Collection



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