How the NSA fools staff into unconstitutional activites

How the NSA fools staff into unconstitutional activites

So how would an agency so large as the NSA that employs so many Americans be able to keep so many from whistleblowing? Why haven't we seen more Eric Snowden's?

Easy, just keep everything so compartmentalized that the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing!

As leaks and document releases about the National Security Agency’s surveillance practices continue to make headlines, it’s become clear that even the people running the spy agency are baffled by the scope of the privacy intrusions carried out by the government.

Ceding to public pressure, intelligence officials released secret documents this week detailing how a judge scolded the NSA in 2009 for violating its own procedures and lying to intelligence courts designed to safeguard some shred of American privacy

Is the veil created by the NSA about to come unraveled, or will be be business as usual for some time to come?

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