How Police Used a Traffic Stop to Confiscate the Life Earnings of Man in Wisconsin

The rights of citizens are rapidly decreasing. Despite the election of President Trump many establishment plants still lurk in the swamp.

Phil Parhamovich had spent the majority of his life working 12+ hours a day restoring and selling houses, cars, and prize musical instruments, really anything to make his dreams come true. At the age of 50 Parhamovich finally saved up the $91,000 he needed to buy a music studio in Madison Wisconsin, the same place Nirvana and Smashing Pumpkins recorded.

All of that changed, however, one fateful day when the police pulled him over while driving through Wyoming. By the end of the stop, the police had confiscated the $91,800 he’d worked to save for his studio. Parhamovich had no criminal record. Only handed a $25 dollar ticket for wearing his seatbelt improperly. But, that was enough for the police to pocket all his money.

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