How Germans are Being Mass Brainwashed by TV to Surrender Their Culture, Submit to Islam

The New World Order has a clear vision for destroying Western civilization.

When a society loses faith in its culture and heritage, a more aggressive ideology will rush to fill the void.

That is the elusive logic behind far-left politicians objective in bringing in millions of uneducated crime-prone migrants from war-torn countries. Despite the evidence showing these migrants have zero interest in assimilating into the host nation's culture or abiding peacefully by their rules.

Independent journalist and cultural critic Paul Joseph Watson has created a stunning 6-minute video illustrating how this has already unfolded in Germany.

The re-education program of the New World Order has already been successfully implemented in this “test trial” Western nation. And the aftermath is not a pleasant thought.

German scientists are literally now suggesting that the government mass drug the population with oxytocin [a feel-good hormone] to reduce citizens ill will towards the migrants rapping and attacking their way of life.

Similar to the manner fluoride was subtly introduced into every “civilized” nation's public water supply.

Even Angela Merkel admits funneling migrants has led to mass crime increases, but she continues on full steam ahead. Why?  Because that is the New World Order's marching orders.

Here is the video. It is chilling.

There is no end in sight unless the people rise-up!

Source: Info Wars



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