How Climate Change Reversal Efforts Could Destroy Our Planet

When Nature Communications writes that this attempt to counter-balance the evil human race from destroying the planet is actually…literally…the recipe for destruction of the ecosystem, they are not heard by those who profess to be brilliant in science and who appear to be completely clueless in solid results.

This type of thinking is exactly what was behind Michael Crichton's idea when he wrote Jurassic Park, The Andromeda Strain, Congo and State of Fear (the latter of which dealt directly with the Global Warming hoax).  In his books, Crichton often returns to the notion that chaos results from expectation…always.  His insinuation is that no matter how hard we try to “fix” a situation that is driven by nature, there is a 100% certainty that the result that we expect will always be somewhat or even colossally different in its end result.

In a brilliance that only Crichton seemed to possess for both irony and hilarity simultaneously, he spoke at the Smithsonian Institution only months before his death and completely turned the Washington DC elite on their heads, proving once again, incidentally, that the unexpected (teaching elitists that they were flawed in thinking they could solve all the world's ills) happened in a place (Washington DC) where the expected result (ignorance) was all but guaranteed.

The lecture was titled, “An Evening With Michael Crichton” and was truly one of the most thought-provoking lectures I have ever heard.  On the next pages, I would like to delve into his suppositions on the subject of a host of issues ranging from the disaster at Chernobyl to Global Warming theory which all goes back to how Nature Communications views the attempts by the Left to counteract the damages of man's carbon footprint!

Turn the page to have your mind expanded and your world completely turned upside-down!  Spoiler alert:  Fans of the Fake News Industrial Complex (and particularly CNN) may wish to avoid the following pages!

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