Homeless Marine Vet Gives His Last $20 to Help Stranded Girl, Receives MASSIVE Karma

Not everyone finds it easy to forget about our veterans or those who give selflessly to others.

Kate McClure, 27, was headed from New Jersey to visit friends in Philadelphia when she ran out of gas late at night in a bad neighborhood.

A distraught McClure called her boyfriend and hunkered down to wait it out over on the side of I-95 when she was approached by a homeless man going by the name of Johnny, 34. McClure was uneasy at first, but Johnny promised that he was there to help and to “get back in the car and lock the doors” till he got back. When he got back McClure realized he’d walked to the gas station for her and used his last $20 dollars to fill her car up enough to get back on the road again.

A relieved McClure was overjoyed but unable to pay him back as she had no cash on her but promised Johnny she’d be back, just like he had come back for her.

McClure kept her word and headed back the next day taking her boyfriend Mark D’Amico, 38, with her to meet the man who rescued her. This is when things blew-up.

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