Homeland Security Hid Release of Violent Criminal Illegal Immigrants From Local Law

One report out of Pinal County in Arizona is as follows:

The release of violent illegal immigrants has been taking place since at least 2013, when Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu was informed by senior ICE officials that illegal immigrants were being released back into his Arizona community, sources said.

Pinal County Police Department employees at the time “were called in on overtime on a Saturday and were ordered to start releasing illegals with violent criminal histories,” according to one law enforcement source.

However, when Babeu asked ICE authorities for the names and criminal offenses committed by these individuals, he was told that no one had been freed.

“They all refused to provide any of the requested information and initially told our office and the media they didn’t release anybody,” the source explained.

Reports of these releases led to congressional inquiries and the eventual disclosure by ICE that it had in fact released a few hundred illegal immigrants, though the agency claimed at the time that none of them had criminal records.

“As pressure mounted, ICE admitted they did release illegals with minor criminal offenses,” the law enforcements source said. “Eventually, they confirmed they did release violent criminal illegals including those convicted of murder, aggravated assault, robbery, kidnapping, and sex crimes.”

This seems so unacceptable, so completely unreasonable, just where and why and how can this be happening:

“Despite the repeated attacks on American citizens by illegal aliens released from our jails, DHS refuses to stop freeing violent criminals who are in our country illegally,” Salmon wrote in his letter to DHS. “Just today, we learned of three more individuals set free on law-abiding Arizonans by the Department of Homeland Security. Their crimes included the beating to death of a seven-week-old baby and the stabbing, beating, and immolation of a police informant.”

One of those released is accused of kidnapping and murdering a police informant “by taking him to a wilderness area where he beat, stabbed, and lit his gasoline-soaked body on fire,” according to Salmon.

When questioned about the practice earlier this week, an ICE official explained that it can no longer legally detain these individuals and is forced under the law to release them.

Release them?  Back into our communities?  Why can't we deport them?  Due to some law, is what they say.  “Under current law.”  It then becomes clear why the immigration question is a huge issue within the Country during this election season.  The Democrats have always played on the heartstrings, and for the reason of gaining the minority vote, not because they are so concerned about “tearing up families.”  The Republican candidates all have diverse positions of immigration reform.  What is common sense, is making sure these type individuals are deported, and tracked so they never make it over the border again—its a no brainer.

Source: Washington Free Beacon

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