‘Homeland’ Actor: White Males in Military ‘are the Bad Guys’, Muslims are “Fabric of What Makes America Great”

Mandy Patinkin, a lead actor on the Showtime series Homeland, made news last Friday by claiming “white men” in government and the military are the real “bad guys” and should be shown as such in his television series and other entertainment.

Homeland is now into its eighth season, with star Claire Danes no longer portraying a CIA agent mentored by Patinkin’s CIA character. Instead, she’s working for a foundation to aid Muslim refugees.

The show’s been criticized for portraying Muslims as terrorists for much of the first four seasons, and Danes as the CIA operative working to thwart them. Critics claim the show provoked anti-Muslim sentiment.

The plotline has shifted dramatically in the new season, with Patinkin making over the top comments related to the changes, which can be found on the next page.




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