Hodges: WW3 Could Be Over By Spring 2016

Hodges: WW3 Could Be Over By Spring 2016

While Americans are watching the political circus of presidential campaigns with dread and wonder, there are much bigger issues on the horizon, and they could be pushing us to World War III post haste without us even realizing it.

There are several markers that we should be paying attention to:

First are the tests by North Korea of intercontinental ballistic missiles, presumably with nuclear warheads.

Second is the aggressiveness of China and their belligerence towards the West and western economies, including transitioning to other currencies rather than the dollar for international trade.

Third is the rising militaristic posture and incursions by Russia into the Middle East and Ukraine, with possible additions of Poland as the next target.

South Korea will be participating in “war games” starting this week, and the North Koreans are promising retaliatory activities if the games are carried out. North Korea has an estimated 10 – 16 nuclear missiles, and could also be supplied with tactical nuclear missiles by its Chinese sponsor that could be used against South Korea should aggressive activities develop.

The bigger concern is that any kind of conflict could very well be the precursor to much larger battles, the pretext for other military actions, and with never before seen mega munitions and technology, the war could be over in a matter of weeks and the face of the planet changed forever.

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