Hodges: Plan B to Stop Trump is in Effect

Hodges: Plan B to Stop Trump is in Effect

Trump has, on all accounts, managed to appeal to the masses with his feelings regarding immigration and an “America first” attitude.

What does this all mean to those of us whom do not reside in the upper class?

Do not be fooled but what the candidates are trying to sell you this election season. The ultimate goal of the government has always been to suppress the population into submission to major corporations and the 1% by creating a feeling of dependence upon them. If the middle and lower classes decide on a democratic candidate, the people should be prepared for government backlash.

Major corporations have always been in bed with the government and as a result, hold far too much power and sway over government decisions. Many of the candidates presented this election season have substantial corporate backing.

What would happen if Trump managed to take the power back from these companies and disperse it back into the American population? The fear of martial law being evoked against the citizens of our country are plaguing the minds of people like Dave Hodges.

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