Hodges: Globalists Will Take Out Hillary, Mafia Style

Hillary lost the election.  Maybe she blew the election.  Maybe her team got outsmarted by Trump's team.  Or maybe enough Americans saw through her rhetoric and lies, detested the direction she would take the country, and decided to give her a pink slip.  Whatever the cause or causes, her days in public office are over.  No more having to endure “Clinton fatigue.”

Her days of holding public office might be over, but the problems she caused for herself over the past few decades, and especially the past few years, are far from over.  The possibility of a special prosecutor being appointed to dig through her email scandal, pay-for-play as secretary of state scandal, Clinton Foundation scandal, and several other questionable activities looms large over her.

If that's not enough, there is another possible catastrophe that could confront Hillary that has been raised by conservative radio host Dave Hodges.  This moves somewhat into the area of conspiracy theories, but as we know, some theories turn out to be true.  With Hillary having disappointed powerful globalist interests, if not actually infuriating them, with her loss, could it be that she's become a liability to the cause of globalism?

Hillary Clinton will never see the inside of an American courtroom. She will see justice from another source, an ominous source, according to informants to speaking with the CSS [Common Sense Show].

That a bold statement that should raise eyebrows.  And it definitely demands answers to questions.

Every day that Clinton campaigned, the New World Order was exposed for all to see. She became a living liability. This is why there is no challenge to the election results by Clinton. Michigan, New Hampshire and Pennsylvania and Arizona’s vote were held up as leverage to seek a non-prosecutory agreement for Hillary Clinton. Why? Because if she was put on trial the world see how the globalists operate.

This is why Podesta came out late on election night and in effect said we will hold up the election for weeks and “there are a lot of votes to count”. It was after that speech by Podesta, that an agreement was reached.

So the globalists, who are the power and money behind so much of what we see, are afraid the prosecution of Hillary would expose them?  So it had to be quashed?  Yet she remains a liability?

Hillary Clinton nor Obama will be prosecuted. In exchange, Trump gets the Presidency and the NWO can deal with the Clinton’s on their own terms and this is why there was no legal challenge to the election. The Clinton’s are the biggest liability that the NWO face. They know where all the bodies are buried. The Clinton’s may never see justice in an American courtroom. However, justice is waiting for the Clintons, in New World Order style.  It is an old mafia rule, if you expose the syndicate, you pay for it with your life.

This is all just theory, and an attempt to connect the dots.  It might be true, and time will tell if it is.

Refusing to condone violence or people taking the law into their own hands, it is still preferable that Hillary faces a criminal prosecution for her crimes.  It's not like there aren't enough alleged crimes for which to prosecute Hillary.  The problem might be that there are so many it's tough to know where to start.

Source:  The Common Sense Show



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