Hodges: 3 Stages of Revolution Underway, Alt Media Destruction Next

While it is plainly obvious that our nation is becoming more divided along racial and political lines, where exactly is all of it headed?

Many believe that we are on the cusp of a civil war. This brings up thoughts of the incredibly bloody conflict our nation went through one hundred and fifty years ago and many fear that is exactly we are slated for. Others are not so fatalistic, but believe that a Deep State does exist and is actively trying to take down the Trump administration as the final obstacle to casting the nation into socialistic hell.

Dave Hodges of The Common Sense Show has provided a brief, historical outline of what he calls “The Three Stages of a Revolution” and believes we are on the verge of completing Stage 1.

Hodges claims that the rebellion, the ‘civil war’, has more to do with the Deep State and their swamp creatures who are rebelling against the US government and the people. The average American will not play a part in any type of bloody conflict leading up to a massive event – by the time the State ‘comes for the guns’ Americans will turn them over as a ‘collective action’ due to manufactured crises, such as food storages.

Turn the page for details on the “The Three Stages of a Revolution.”



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